Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MaryKate's 3rd Birthday

  For over 6 months our little lady has been counting down the days for this spectacular day... and what a fun, great day it was! Following family tradition, we woke her up with breakfast in bed (which she thinks is sooo funny). Her birthday party was on Saturday a few days before, so here real birthday was filled with just family presents & family fun. We went to Jungle Jim Playland for dinner and had pizza & let her ride 3 rides. She also had so much fun climbing around in a free little play castle. That was what she says was the highlight of her day. Isn't it funny how the free things are always the best?! I love that.

Her birthday party was Minnie Mouse themed and 10 of her best friends came. She loves anything pink with polkadots, but for the boys who came we had plain Mickey ears and green Polk-a-dot bow ties. For those old schoolers out there, Minnie is now pink, not red. (Sad, I agree.) I sewed her a birthday Minnie dress that is generic enough that I think it will work for church as well. I made a dozen mouse ears for $3 and a Minnie pinata for 75 cents. I also made/painted Toodles from Mickey Mouse clubhouse out of a pizza box to help the kids on a hunt for the pinata. The Mouse-ka-tools helped them with each step of the treasure hunt. It was a hit. The pinata I made was a little too tough and took a lot of beating to break. But maybe it was because they are 3 years old. Then we had cake, Minnie/Mickey oreo pops, and ice cream & then opened presents. Lastly we played with the parachute & balloons and did the "Hotdog dance".

It was a ton of fun. I always say I am going to keep it simple and it grows into something a little bigger than simple. But I will say it was very cheap and was a lot of good memories. MaryKate's smile was worth the work & in her words as we delivering what I thought to be too many invitations, she said, "Mom, it is important to have lots of nice friends and to share." I agree. I am thankful for all our nice friends and for MaryKate today. She has brought us so much joy. We love you Miss MaryKate!