Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Week of Skiing

This last week my friend needed to go to a funeral and asked me to fill in for her as a tour guide at my old summer job, ElderHostel. I wasn't sure how we'd make it work, but Becca & Ryan volunteered to watch MaryKate in the day and one day she came with me and James to Solitude. So for a solid week I cross country skied with a group of 25 people between the ages of 65and 85. They did better than I did accept for one gentleman who tore his ACL and a lady who broke her pelvis. Ouch!
Wasn't it beautiful! This was taken at Solitude ski resort.

This is Sundance, home of the annual film festival. (We went half day skiing and half day watching films with the directors.) Not many jobs can beat getting paid to take ski lessons and watch films.

MaryKate is as cute as ever! She is nearly 26 inches long and was weighing 14 lbs.3 in. & growing daily! They said she is now in the 70% for weight and 97% for height for an average baby. However for a baby her height she is in the 18% for weight. Tall and thin with a huge head (The nurse measured it twice because they couldn't believe her head could be that big!) She gets it from her mommy & daddy! She loves to giggle and we just love her to pieces.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Leaf

MaryKate rolled over today! She will be going off to college in no time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again!

MaryKate is feeling much better! Tomorrow will be her last day of medicine and it has worked like a charm. This is a picture taken on her 3 month B-day. Thanks Mary for the cute dress!
This is my little munchkin this morning smiling at me while I cleaned.
For MLK Day, James & I and our friends(Audrey, Josh, & Clinton) hiked to Diamond Fork Hot Springs. Becca & Sarah babysat MaryKate for us. This is not our group, but a picture of another group hiking to the same place as us. Because the road to the trail head was closed, we had to hike the long road to the trail making it 10 mile hike instead of a 4 mile hike...

It was pretty, but I hardly noticed because my shoes were to small & I am so out of shape I thought I was going to die! No really. I've never been so close to wanting to swear or be shot. Pathetic I know.
James and I outdoors in the winter in Utah in bathing suits! The pots really are so warm. I apologize for forcing you to view our white skin and my post pregnancy rolls :)

We also in the past week learned to make Sushi for our 2nd time with Audrey & Josh. James makes a pretty roll.
Confession: I cheated. I brought some tender cooked chicken in a tiny Tupperware and tried to slip it in while no one was looking. Why raw fish!?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Sick Little Sweetie

We noticed last Friday (my last day of teaching) that MaryKate's cold was getting drastically worse. I gave her a cold in the beginning of December, but it slowly seemed to go away around Christmas time. But then a few days later both she and I started showing symptoms again! Grrr!
The Symptoms:
Friday while James' best friend Ryan was burping her, she started coughing and vomiting all over Ryan multiple times. (This is uncommon for her because she has only spit up 4 times.) We took her to see a doctor Sunday night because she was so congested, constantly coughing, weezing, and vomiting her milk. She has become our little puke princess, puking at every or every other feeding... which of course has decreased wet & poopy diapers.
The Diagnosis:
Double Ear Infections & RSV
The Remedy:
1. Breathing treatments every 4 hours as needed
2. Antibiotics for the ear infections every 12 hours
3. Saline solution treatments & suctioning her nose before eating & sleeping
4. Feeding only 2 oz of milk every 2 hours instead of 4 or 5 every 3 hours
5. Sleeping in her car seat or bouncy chair instead of in her crib
The Good News:
She is doing a little better each day and even when she was her sickest, she would still smile at us in between her coughing and whimpering. Here she is playing on the new toy James got her for cheap at Kid to Kid. It spins and plays music when she kicks the foot peddle. It was so much fun for her and a great distraction from feeling miserable. :)