Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Week of Skiing

This last week my friend needed to go to a funeral and asked me to fill in for her as a tour guide at my old summer job, ElderHostel. I wasn't sure how we'd make it work, but Becca & Ryan volunteered to watch MaryKate in the day and one day she came with me and James to Solitude. So for a solid week I cross country skied with a group of 25 people between the ages of 65and 85. They did better than I did accept for one gentleman who tore his ACL and a lady who broke her pelvis. Ouch!
Wasn't it beautiful! This was taken at Solitude ski resort.

This is Sundance, home of the annual film festival. (We went half day skiing and half day watching films with the directors.) Not many jobs can beat getting paid to take ski lessons and watch films.

MaryKate is as cute as ever! She is nearly 26 inches long and was weighing 14 lbs.3 in. & growing daily! They said she is now in the 70% for weight and 97% for height for an average baby. However for a baby her height she is in the 18% for weight. Tall and thin with a huge head (The nurse measured it twice because they couldn't believe her head could be that big!) She gets it from her mommy & daddy! She loves to giggle and we just love her to pieces.


ToddNSass said...

She is so beautiful! Look at all her hair growing in too!

Lindsay said...

Ohhhhh...first of all, so much fun to go Cross Country Skiing and second, Mary Kate is beautiful!! I wanna meet her and snuggle her so bad!

Emma and Dan said...

I was shocked to see that you went skiing multiple times in one week, but then I saw that it was cross country skiing and that made more sense. :) I love cc skiing! I'm glad that you had a good time.

First a TEN mile hike and then cc skiing - you've been busy! All of sudden you're adventure girl! Awesome.

My kids have gi-gundo heads too (even Elena who was 3rd percentile for weight and height). I wonder why? Haha.
It makes me think of sweet Jordan and his little bitty body and big, happy head. Good memories!