Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Favorite Halloween Yet

Picture this... A warm evening in Utah (no jackets required), colorful fall leaves coating the sidewalks, the sound of friendly neighbors chatting and laughing as they eat their hotdogs, sip their hot cocoa and gather around fire pits in the center of the cul-de-sac, warm homemade melt-in-your mouth donuts and large candy bars being handed out to all, and best of all 2 adorable little girls in our arms... one who had been practicing for weeks for this special night. It was a dream! Our little neighborhood is truly euphoric and watching MaryKate knock on doors and say "trick or treat" and "thank you!" and beam with pride and excitement was as good as this holiday gets. I am not a fan of the bloody, dark, spooky Halloween but after this year, I am in love with Halloween. The concept alone is a magical dream for small children...go on a family walk, wear dress-ups, see friends, and get offered candy at every house! Yes please!

We went to the Zoo for Trick or Treating on the 29th. It was fun, but super crowded! MaryKate wore her Elmo costume and got to ride the elephant on the carousel... her dream come true! (side note: I had to practically fight a mom for it. Sorry... first come, fist serve! Don't worry, I was polite.)

On Halloween we first went to our shopping village around the corner that has nearly 50 shops that pass out candy and gifts to the kids... love it! By the time we were done with that MaryKate wanted Elmo OFF and would not put him back on after dinner for trick or treating. She wanted to wear her Hello Kitty dance leotard and be a ballerina... fine by us, even though people probably thought she had the lamest, simple costume. She loved it and was so happy in it.

Grace was a little tiger. It was MaryKate's 2 years ago and Grace fit it much better. I was really lame this year and did not make a single costume and had no family theme. The truth is I feel cheap and I've been making 40 costumes for our church Nativity... so I am sewed out!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Dear World,

A Questar maintenance man just came to my door. He was a nice older gentleman and as he was leaving he said, "Thanks Kiddo!" Bless him! Bless him! It was such a lovely reality check. Although I may have so many gray hairs coming in that I can't take the 30 minutes it would require to pluck them all and although after Grace the only weight I am losing is coming from the hair-loss on my head and although my memory is getting so bad that I lost my wallet twice this week, I am still a kiddo!!! Little kids look at me like I'm Methuselah, but older people see me as so young. I love that.

I think I'm going to go help myself to a fruit snack and dance around the living room to MaryKate's Chipmunk version of Single Ladies!

Kathy the Kiddo

P.S. Halloween pics are coming soon. We had such a great time!