Monday, December 28, 2009

Dream of Sugar Plums, not Ted Bundy!

Good Idea: Eat a piece of a Symphony Chocolate Toffee Bar.
Bad Idea: Eat the entire Symphony Bar.
Good Idea: Buy your husband a present and wait for his happy reaction.
Bad Idea: Buy your 2 month old a present and wait for her to unwrap it and give a happy reaction.
Good Idea: Let your baby have some tummy time on the floor on Christmas.
Bad Idea: Let your 6'4 brother dance around her and accidentally step on her. (FYI: she is perfectly fine, the only injury was Ben's heart. :) He felt horrible.)
Good Idea: Go to a friends house for a delicious dinner, where the mention of Ted Bundy casually comes up in conversation.
Bad Idea: Ask your husband when you return home from the dinner to Google Ted Bundy and read you the life story of this insane, serial killer. (I couldn't close my eyes without nearly crying!)

On a happier note, MaryKate is growing in leaps and bounds and Christmas was wonderful! We stayed with Ben & Becca in Springville for Christmas and had so much fun with them and Becca's sisters. Nothing is better than watching their kids open presents. Who knew a box of little debbie swiss cake rolls could get that good of reaction?! It nearly over shadowed everything else. The most well spent $1.29!

My favorite quote of the Christmas season that pretty much sums it up was by Justin, my nephew while he sat at the table eating handful after handful of brown sugar.
Ben (his father & my bro)- "Justin! Come on now. Lets make good choices!"
Justin (with a look of confusion)- "But it's Christmas!"
So true! Didn't we all eat a handful or two of sugar that we shouldn't with the excuse that it's Christmas. I'm going to attempt to make better choices.

Here are a few of our most recent pictures of MaryKate. As of 2 weeks ago, she was 24 inches long and 12 lbs 9 oz. (Although that may sound huge an average baby for her height is 14 lbs. She is in the 97% for her height. Oh, darn. She's already taller than all the boys!)

Isn't she the cutest?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Last week I went outside and it was -3 degrees! I opened my car door and found green glass shattered all over my car, even on the dashboard! I looked down on the floor of the passenger side and found this... it was a bottle of sparkling cider Tyler and Mel gave us for our Anniversary. That was fun to clean up. Brrrr & Grrrr!
Now that the weather is so cold we layer MaryKate in blankets and also have discovered lots of cute hats to keep her warm as we go out and about in this winter wonderland. This is one of my favorites below. :)
A few more random things...
1. We got our family pictures back from Thanksgiving with James' family. Have a look!

2. MaryKate started smiling a week & 1/2 ago... truly smiling while looking in peoples eyes. I love this new stage! So fun and cute!
3. MaryKate has grown so much! She is up to 11 lbs and is looking like a baby, no longer our little newborn. The frightening truth is that as she gets more chubby she looks more and more like me and less and less like James. So does that mean I'm chubby?! :) Here's a picture of both of us. You can see for yourself if there is any resemblance.