Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Last week I went outside and it was -3 degrees! I opened my car door and found green glass shattered all over my car, even on the dashboard! I looked down on the floor of the passenger side and found this... it was a bottle of sparkling cider Tyler and Mel gave us for our Anniversary. That was fun to clean up. Brrrr & Grrrr!
Now that the weather is so cold we layer MaryKate in blankets and also have discovered lots of cute hats to keep her warm as we go out and about in this winter wonderland. This is one of my favorites below. :)
A few more random things...
1. We got our family pictures back from Thanksgiving with James' family. Have a look!

2. MaryKate started smiling a week & 1/2 ago... truly smiling while looking in peoples eyes. I love this new stage! So fun and cute!
3. MaryKate has grown so much! She is up to 11 lbs and is looking like a baby, no longer our little newborn. The frightening truth is that as she gets more chubby she looks more and more like me and less and less like James. So does that mean I'm chubby?! :) Here's a picture of both of us. You can see for yourself if there is any resemblance.


Lindsay said...

I love that post and what I love even more is our beautiful daughters sense of style. Ada has that exact same gray and white polka dot dress! haha..She is wearing 6 month size!!! Ahhh. Kath, you look gorgeous! Loves

kt said...

She definitely has a Larson look to her. Her face reminds of Hannie when she was a baby:).

ToddNSass said...

Ahh, what a beautiful smile! You'll love every stage she is in. Did you get the hats I sent?

Kathy said...

We did get the hats! Thank you so much for sending them. I will have to post a picture of her in one. They're darling!

Carrie said...

Love your blog posts. Keep them coming. B/C even though we only live 45 miles away from eachother, it might as well be 4,500! She's so cute and the family picture is AMAZING!!! Miss you!