Monday, November 30, 2009

Arizona & California Memories

Over the Thanksgiving holiday James and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and MaryKate was blessed with many of our family and friends in attendance. We want to thank those who were able to come. It was so good to be with all the family! MaryKate sure is lucky to have so many people who love and support her.

James' mom sewed this dress for MaryKate and trimmed it with James' grandma's lace. It was very pretty.

Sleeping good for the blessing!

COUSINS! Emmett and MaryKate got to go shopping together and share some cousin bonding time. Phillip & Alicia's little boy is 10 days older than her and looks a lot like her. It was so fun!

While we were at James' house for Thanksgiving our niece Madeline found my toothbrush and was having the time of her life polishing her pearly whites with it.

Elasti-Girl! Our little 5 month old niece Chloe has amazing flexibility! Doesn't her leg look like it doesn't belong to her or is severely broken. I wish I was that flexible.

My sister Mary flew me out to visit her family in the Bay Area. This is my niece Cambria. She likes to have her hair cut like her brothers, so Mary pretends to cut it with the clippers.

Mary taught me how to cut hair while I was visiting. Ashton was so good! Now maybe James will consider letting me attempt to cut his someday.

Mary and her boys showed me some of their sweet moves during their After Chores Dance Party!


Lindsay said...

Oh Kathy! Thanks for posting more pictures. MaryKate is a doll! I love the flower headband. I need more girly things like that for Ada. Thanks for sharing!! So much fun!

Sheri King said...


I'm so happy for your cute family. She is beautiful! Congrats to you and James.

-your cousin Sheri

Emma and Dan said...

Wow, MaryKate is so beautiful! You got some great pictures. What a wonderful weekend that must have been.

I love those Lee kids! And Mary looks great!