Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Discoveries!

Ben & Becca's family go on an adventure every Saturday after their chores are done and this rainy, cold Saturday they spent it with us in Salt Lake at our favorite Frogurt (frozen yogurt) shop and at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Together we discovered how really huge and amazing this library is. It is 6 floors of awesomeness!

Hannah & Sarah LOVE reading... especially graphic novels! (They're like comics, but novels.)

Justin LOVES Garfield. It was fun to watch him read and laugh to himself out loud. You can see where MaryKate gets her love for reading.

MaryKate is doing Great! She is still sleeping like a champ! 10 to 12 hours a night, plus lots of naps. We just love her!

Our ward threw my friend Jessica & I a joint baby shower last week. It was so fun and the women in my ward are so generous! Mary Catherine is my friend in the blue, who hosted the party at her home. She also had a baby the same month as us. Lots of babies!

And now for the 2 new discoveries... Drum Roll Please...

1. MaryKate is sitting with a pillow! OK... so thats not that climactic, but the next one is!

2. MaryKate has discovered her tongue and can't get enough of it!
Watch the video below for a good laugh or smile. Isn't it fun!?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Excessive Amounts of...

  • Toothbrushes:

I was cleaning my bathroom the other day and was shocked at how many toothbrushes we have for a household of only 2 people with teeth! We loose them, buy new ones and find them again in our suitcases or random bags. I don't know if this is an issue for others, but I guess too many is better than not enough!
  • Garbage:

I have a confession: My name is Kathy and I am a trash stacker. I know... it is a terrible, lazy habit, one that James pleads with me to overcome. He promises to love and support me as I fight this gross temptation. But I can't seem to kick the habit. Its like I do really good for a while and then I slip up again. It happens so subtly. I started young. I got in with the wrong crowd and it seemed like everyone was doing it: my brothers, my sisters, my friends. I remember my Mom begged me to give it up, but by then I hardly even noticed I was doing it...I was so desensitized. Maybe you or someone you know has struggled with this same addiction and has some advice for me on how to stay clean.
  • Hair Everywhere But My Head:

There are a few things about having babies that some people never tell you. Maybe they fear they'll discourage you from getting pregnant or maybe it's so gross that it's too taboo to talk about. One of these subjects I have recently discovered is hair loss! I can't tell you how grossed out I am by my own hair. I apologize to James and MaryKate because sometimes it gets grosser than bugs or insects all over the house. I find massive quantities of my hair in the shower, on counters, on the floor, in my hair brush, in MaryKate's hands, on my clothes and on James. So disgusting! When does this end? Someone told me 8 months. I'm hoping for sooner or I may have nothing left!
  • Laughs & Giggles:

Like you have seen before, MaryKate is a giggler. She loves to laugh and smile and when she does it fills me with hope and light. Maybe this gets old to you, but to us, it never does. So indulge me one more time. Here is a video of her laughing last night. It went on for over 5 minutes, but I thought I'd keep it short. Enjoy a giggle!