Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Discoveries!

Ben & Becca's family go on an adventure every Saturday after their chores are done and this rainy, cold Saturday they spent it with us in Salt Lake at our favorite Frogurt (frozen yogurt) shop and at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Together we discovered how really huge and amazing this library is. It is 6 floors of awesomeness!

Hannah & Sarah LOVE reading... especially graphic novels! (They're like comics, but novels.)

Justin LOVES Garfield. It was fun to watch him read and laugh to himself out loud. You can see where MaryKate gets her love for reading.

MaryKate is doing Great! She is still sleeping like a champ! 10 to 12 hours a night, plus lots of naps. We just love her!

Our ward threw my friend Jessica & I a joint baby shower last week. It was so fun and the women in my ward are so generous! Mary Catherine is my friend in the blue, who hosted the party at her home. She also had a baby the same month as us. Lots of babies!

And now for the 2 new discoveries... Drum Roll Please...

1. MaryKate is sitting with a pillow! OK... so thats not that climactic, but the next one is!

2. MaryKate has discovered her tongue and can't get enough of it!
Watch the video below for a good laugh or smile. Isn't it fun!?


Amanda said...

Yep she sure did get the Larson's olve of sleep!

Camille Powell said...

That's hilarious. When did she start doing the tongue thing?

Lindsay said...

OH I can't wait to meet your little, er, quite huge, bundle of joy!!! Her smile just melts me. I need to learn how to do music videos like what you did with Mary Kate. That would be so fun to have a collection of Ada. WIll you teach me??? Can't wait for summer so we can see each other. Loves!!

Emma and Dan said...

That video is hilarious!

Carrie said...

Watch out boys! MaryKate is going to be a good kisser like her mommy. Ha ha.