Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break in the Sunshine!

James had Spring Break and we decided to flee from the snowy mountains and head for the sunny skies of Arizona and California. First we stopped in Flagstaff and stayed with Kaylyn & Darren for a night and then went to Phoenix for 2 days to stay with Phillip, Alicia, & Lila. It was so fun!

This is a fun little pic of Cousins: Emmett (Phillip's son) and MaryKate. He is 10 days older and is the only baby we've seen that can make her look average size... He's actually bigger! What beautiful eyes he has!

They took us out to eat at one of my old high school favorite restaurants near my house called "Chino Bandido". It is a mixture of Chinese and Mexican and has amazing snickerdoodles and lava cookies. James and I haven't recommended a cheap local restaruant in ages... so we decided we have to recommend this one if you are ever in Arizona. We devoured the food before we could get a picture of it, but I converted James. He LOVED it! Here's the website link for it if you're interested:

We also visited James' sisters, Bonnie & Dawn's families in Lavine and then drove down to Tucson to hang out with my parents, brother David, & sister Becky. This is a pic of Becky's son Malachi with his awesome paper airplanes that he made with me at the park.

After Arizona, we drove to San Diego, CA to stay with my Aunt Jen & cousin Laura's family. She got us in for free to the San Diego Zoo. It was our first time there and we had a blast!

MaryKate loved looking at all the animals and plants. She was looking at a baby gorilla here.

It was so niceto relax as a family! James didn't even bring his books. We had him all to ourselves!

James and MaryKate at the beach.
It was too windy to put her bathing suit on and the wind made her gasp for air every 3 seconds. Maybe she's still a little young to be a beach bum, but maybe next year she'll love it more!


ToddNSass said...

Oh my goodness, as if it is possible, this girl keeps getting cuter and cuter. I wish we could come for a visit!

Lindsay said...

SO FUN!!! She is the cutest little (long) thing!!! I can't wait to meet her. It looks like you guys had a blast. Love ya

Kelly said...

Kathy! Hey, I found your blog through facebook. It's so fun to see pictures of your cute family! MaryKate is adorable! We have private blog, if you message me your email address on facebook I can send you an invite.