Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost six months...

First our family's progress in one sentence a piece.

James has two and a half weeks of school left this semester and is taking wedding photos this weekend.

Kathy is getting published for her help on research aimed at curbing childhood obesity and is looking for new things to do.

MaryKate is writing her thesis on the reason objects that are heavy tend to be pulled down more by gravity (a.k.a. why her head makes it hard for her to sit up).

The rest are just pictures James took with his new camera.

And yes they are all of MaryKate, except the last one which was the view off of our porch this morning.

p.s. in these two pics, Kathy's arm is photoshopped out. MK is almost sitting up but is not quite there yet.


kt said...

Awww, what sweetness! Love her chubby cheeks:)

Emma and Dan said...

Yay for big headed babies!

When I look at Kevin, his cabeza always seems small to me (it's actually big for his age, but so is his body). I guess not everyone has a 97th percentile head on a 3rd percentile body like Elena and Jordan Lee. :)

MaryKate is beautiful. Big heads are a legacy that we are passing down to our children. :)

Zach and Sarah said...

Beautiful pics! Congrats about getting published. I'd love to read it sometime.

Lindsay said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!! Congrats on getting published Kath. Ada isn't even sitting up hardly. She canm she just isnt that interested