Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Gardner part 2

For those of you haven't heard, or haven't been told quite yet, the newest baby Gardner wanted to wave its hand and say hello and that it is on its way. He or she had its first pictures taken today and it went really well. It seems we are destined to have long, skinny babies. I was supposed to be 12 weeks, but according to the length of the baby they are saying the baby is 14 and 1/2 weeks. Which would move my due date up to July, I tried to tell them we just make long babies, but they insisted that it had to be at least 14 weeks. Oh well. Of course these pictures make babies look like aliens, but I thought I would just share one that shows how spiritual this baby is going to be. Notice the baby is already is kneeling, ready for prayer. He or she will be coming sometime between July 28th (new due date) and August 6th (original due date).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Vacation Recap

Christmas vacation was great because James got nearly a month off school. In a matter of a few weeks we slept at 8 different homes of family & friends. That is not to mention all the people we went to visit during the day, like James' grandparents & my little sister, who just had a baby. We also attended weddings & receptions of people in both our families. It was honestly fun & exhausting! All 3 of us got terribly sick by the end. Below are a few of the highlights.

My sister, Becky took us to the Tucson Zoo. It was warm & MaryKate loved it!

Of all the cool animals at the zoo, the ducks were hands down her favorite.
Align CenterShe loved spending time with so many cousins! They were so much fun!

Did I mention the best part of vacationing in AZ? Warm weather & no snow! MaryKate would have loved to swing at the park all day everyday.

On Christmas Eve after her bath, we let her open one gift:
her new pajamas! She was so excited!

We know she looks like a boy in her Elmo pajamas, but we couldn't help ourselves. She LOVES Elmo! All night we could hear her giggling & pointing out Elmo on herself.

One of her many fun gifts was a stroller for her baby dolls, but of course she wanted to put Elmo in the stroller instead. It was so much fun spending Christmas with James' family!

Kaylyn, my little sister, had a baby a week before Christmas. So of course we had to go see her pretty little Liana. Here are the proud, very tired parents.

Lastly, MaryKate had over 30 hours in the car on this trip. So below is a little video of MaryKate talking in the car. I like to quiz her on words to keep her from going crazy. She can say tons of words now, all the animal sounds, & is chatting all day long
(even though some of it is still incomprehensible).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How To Tailor A Shirt

I know... I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. It's been crazy. A very fun post all about our Christmas & New Years Vacation is forth coming. However, before I get to that, I promised my brother Phillip that I would teach him how to fit and tailor his dress shirts before I left Arizona. But James, MaryKate, & I all got so sick that we had to get home before I could teach him. So Phillip, this post is especially for you & for anyone else who would like to know how to tailor a shirt. Just watch the video that I made below & call me or comment if you have any questions. I hope it helps you to have loads of nicely fitted shirts in your future. Good luck!

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