Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Splishing & Splashing at Six Months

MaryKate is officially 6 months and at her doctors appointment weighed in at 19 lb 1 oz and 27 1/2 inches long. This puts her in the 95 percent for height and 90 percent for weight... The good news is her head is back on the charts! Her cranium is now only 97%. Hurray for 3 other kids out of 100 having bigger noggins than MK!

She is eating solid foods! She and I both don't love it yet, but everyone tells us it takes time. (Its been 4 days) So far this week she's had rice cereal twice and oatmeal cereal many times. I put it in and she spits it out... repeated over and over and over :)

MaryKate loves her bath time. She has graduated to the big tub and thinks its the greatest thing in the world! She loves to splash, splash, splash! For modesty purposes, I put her in her bathing suit and had James video her so that Cambria, her cousin, could see "Her Baby MaryKate" in the bath tub. Here you go Cambria! Enjoy and sing along!

Last week we got to spend an afternoon with Carrie and Adam doing fun things in Salt Lake together. MaryKate & I took them on a fun free tour of Sweets Candy Factory. They give you fresh yummy candy right off the line & these awesome hair nets!

While James was taking a final & studying his brains out, we also took them to Mars!

And to the Moon! (or maybe just the planitarium... you decide)

If you know us well, you know we live above a dry cleaners and Sally the Seamstress, who has been MaryKate's pseudo-grandma, retired this month. So we made her a cake and had a little party down stairs at the cleaners. We're sad to see her go. She gives great baby tips!


Mindy said...

You saw Carrie. I am jealous. P.s. You're such an EFY mom ... modesty and all!!!! :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE her swim suit!!! THat is so much fun...I am glad that her head is no longer off of the charts. :)

Becca said...

Delightful! Love MK splashing in her bath. She had Sarah, Justin and I all laughing!