Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Sick Little Sweetie

We noticed last Friday (my last day of teaching) that MaryKate's cold was getting drastically worse. I gave her a cold in the beginning of December, but it slowly seemed to go away around Christmas time. But then a few days later both she and I started showing symptoms again! Grrr!
The Symptoms:
Friday while James' best friend Ryan was burping her, she started coughing and vomiting all over Ryan multiple times. (This is uncommon for her because she has only spit up 4 times.) We took her to see a doctor Sunday night because she was so congested, constantly coughing, weezing, and vomiting her milk. She has become our little puke princess, puking at every or every other feeding... which of course has decreased wet & poopy diapers.
The Diagnosis:
Double Ear Infections & RSV
The Remedy:
1. Breathing treatments every 4 hours as needed
2. Antibiotics for the ear infections every 12 hours
3. Saline solution treatments & suctioning her nose before eating & sleeping
4. Feeding only 2 oz of milk every 2 hours instead of 4 or 5 every 3 hours
5. Sleeping in her car seat or bouncy chair instead of in her crib
The Good News:
She is doing a little better each day and even when she was her sickest, she would still smile at us in between her coughing and whimpering. Here she is playing on the new toy James got her for cheap at Kid to Kid. It spins and plays music when she kicks the foot peddle. It was so much fun for her and a great distraction from feeling miserable. :)


Zach and Sarah said...

Man, oh, man. RSV is tough. And double ear infections aren't easy, either. I'm so glad she is feeling better every day! Thinking of you guys.

ToddNSass said...

Poor little girl! I love that she is getting so chubby. I'm glad she's getting better... it is so scary when babies get sick!

Lindsay said...

SAD!! Ada has a viral infection right now. She has vomited a little and has the wheezes. It is not RSV yet, but they said it could turn into it. I am sad for Mary Kate. Poor little thing! I hope she gets well fast! Loves

Emma and Dan said...

Poor baby! And poor mama. I know that killed you to see her so miserable. I'm glad that everyone is feeling better.
She's such a pretty, happy girl! Congrats on being done with work.

Tell Justin that when he grows up he'll get to eat straight-up brown sugar free of guilt even when it's not Christmas. Just like I did earlier today while making cookies. :)