Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Number Five

Last night James and I went out to celebrate our 5 month anniversary. (I know... all you veteran married couples are rolling your eyes at what we view as a fantastic milestone.) Despite it being a Friday, I was in a real sour, impatient mood as I left work. Probably just tired. As I was driving home cursing every red stop light and every slow car on the road that got in my way, the epiphany came that maybe I was having major attitude problem and not every other human or object around me. Grrr... I hate that realization. Luckily I came home to James and I can never seem to stay grumpy long with him around. He had planned a fun date for us all centered around the theme #5.
First we stopped by our local grease palace and picked up a 5 dollar pizza that even Caesar himself would have enjoyed. Then off we went to Jamba Juice to pick up an extra large 5 dollar Jamba to share. I felt the urgent need to cleanse my pallet after our pepperoni fat fest. Nothing hits the spot better than our favorite peach passion... mmm. So good.
Then came the activity portion of our evening. We went to the Mecca of Dollar Stores that even has a freezer and full grocery section to pick out 5 gifts for each other. What a delight! So many wonderful odd things to choose from in a dollar store. I felt like a kid on a shopping spree that just got payed allowance. Once we had made our final selections, exchanged gifts, and payed for them, we headed off to the second dream land for any child with allowance or birthday money in their pocket: The Nickelcade... Where we played everything for only 5 cents, except for on those lame games that require 3 nickels. We played ski-ball, cruisin california, a cool motorcycle racing game, slot machines, and Jurassic Park. I was having an abnormally lucky night because I beat James a number of times, which until tonight has never occured. The nickelcade was a blast, even on an overcrowded Friday night. And there you have our evening celebrating the #5 and my second blog entry that was 5 times longer than the first.

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Jackie said...

Thanks, I think that was you who commented about the house!

I know one other Kathy.

We are really excited!

This looks like the funnest date EVER! What a BLAST!