Friday, June 12, 2009

She's a Girl!

This morning we had our ultrasound, which we attached for your viewing pleasure. Her legs were spread eagle, so within seconds we knew that she was positively, 100% girl. Her heart beat is strong, she has all her healthy parts,(we even counted all 10 toes) and she is constantly moving. James and I are so excited! The video is just a small clip of the ultra sound, so you won't see the part indicating that she's a girl, but we promise she is!


Sam said...

Congratulations! We are so happy and so excited for you!!!!
I really like your blogspot!
Love, Mom G

Lindsay said...

It's my daughters new best friend! They look SOOO much alike!!

Darren & Kaylyn said...

Congrats! WOw a girl. Love the song it went so well with the clip. I am so happy for you.
Love, Your Fav. youngest Sister Kaylyn

Camille Powell said...

YIPEE!! We missed you guys Sunday. You better bring the ultrasound pictures next week. She looked like she was quite the active baby. Awesomeness.