Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Trip to Florida

We loved the beach!

I am now 26 weeks. (Translation for non-prego people= 6 months+) I have officially popped out big and look without a doubt pregnant. This picture above is solid proof of that! I thought, "At least I had a chance to get more tan in Florida... maybe that will help disguise it." Didn't work. Still big.

My aunt and uncle taught James to water ski. I was so proud!

James gave me for mother's day plane tickets to visit Lindsay in Florida. So we could be "prego" together. It was so fun to feel not alone in this crazy new experience and spend time with her and Scott.

We went to a Rays vs. Oakland A's game. The Rays won 6 to 0.

We ate lots of Cuban food. It was very yummy!

We went to Disney World for free with Brad Schram, who works there. Very Fun! James was chosen after multiple auditions to be on American Idol at Hollywood Studios!

More fun pictures of Lindsay and I showing our pregnant tummies. Sadly, she is 7 months along and I'm only 6. She is looking great!


julz said...

How fun!! You guys are both so cute all prego, and I really love that you shared clothes... I really miss being able to share clothes:)

Mindy said...

You can barely tell your prego! You look fantastic!

Lindsay said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for playing and we can't wait to play penukcle again ( can't remember how to spell it!!)

Carrie said...

So fun!!! By the way, you had us all confused by the about James making it to Hollywood on American Idol!
Can't wait to work with you two next week! Love ya!

JonandLo said...

Hey Girl! Haven't talked to you in so long. Congrats on getting married and now being prego. So excited for'll be the best mommy ever! Where do you guys live now? Jon and I are in Lehi (well we'll be back there after the summer's over)