Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Things That Make Us Smile

This past week we have seen and felt the blessings from the many prayers offered on our behalf. Although some things take longer to heal, we have been truly blessed by the love of so many. I just wanted to share a few of the things that have made us smile this past week. As you can guess much of it involves little miss MaryKate.

We have discovered that MaryKate loves to read. She just can't wait to peruse the pages of her favorite magazine, as you will see in the following video. She seems to especially enjoy cooking magazines. (She must get it from me)

We also did a little photo shoot of MaryKate in her leg warmers. How can you not love seeing her cute little thighs and her dancing clothes. On Friday at her 4 month check up, she weighed 16 lbs and was 26 1/2 inches long, putting her in the 97% for height and 90% for weight. She is growing before our eyes everyday! She truly is a blessing in our lives. She helps us remember that there is a plan for all of us and it's real.

Lastly, I am adding a music video that we did on the 5th of February. We got together with some friends for a triple date and we had a music video competition, this is our creation. If you don't know our history, we made a music video on our first date and have made a few on some of our trips. Maybe I will post them later on. If anything, I hope it makes you smile.


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! I just love you guys. For real...who makes music videos? My people Kathy and James do!! Ha...can you imagine Scott doing that with me. I can't either. Haha.
And I think that Mary Kate has just about the longest baby legs I have ever seen. I think that Ada is going to be stuck with my shorter legs!

You guys look awesome.

PS...I remember that sweater. It looks great on you!

kt said...

I love the baby legwarmers!! Maddie wore legwarmers to church today:).

Jenni said...

She is such a beautiful baby!!

Sam said...

Such a cutie!!!!!
We can't believe how lively she reacts to the book! How fun!
The music video was way cool. You two are so creative! It was a lot of fun to watch.

Carrie said...

There aren't words to say how much I love this little family. Miss you!

Camille Powell said...

I just can't get enough of MaryKate! The book reading was hilarious! Her smile is just infectious!