Monday, August 30, 2010

First Steps & Green Chili Sauce!!!

I'll begin with the biggest news of the month:

#1- MaryKate took her first steps tonight! She's been walking holding on to walls & such but tonight she walked from me to James without touching anything! Crazy. Who would think a girl with such a large cranium would find enough balance? This means trouble. We'll try to video it soon.

#2- We are finished with ElderHostel tour guiding. Below is a picture of us moments before hot air ballooning during our final week of the summer.

#3- The day we finished, James & I went with a group of 8 others to hike Havasupai Falls for our 2nd time. Mary & Becca watched MaryKate for the 4 days we were gone... thank you to them! It was hard to be without her, but we did have a great time!

(It rained & flash flooded our first night there, so hence the brown water for a day.)

(Zoom in on this sweet pic of Ryan & Evan doing a simultaneous back flip off the new waterfall)

(Our entire group of 10 minus me jumping through the falls)

(After the hike out... we earned all that sweat!)

#4- MaryKate is eating just about everything! She loves food and scavenges for it all day!

#5- Last but not least- GREEN CHILI SAUCE!
All summer we had zero food in our fridge due to tour guiding. So on a Saturday we came home from Park City and picked up some dinner at Costa Vida. James loves green chili sauce so he got a few containers of it. We took it to go & drove home. James got MaryKate out of the car and picked up the plastic bag of Mexican food and headed upstairs while I started unpacking the car. When upstairs, James noticed the green chili sauce had leaked out of the container and out of the bag onto his arm and because he had his arms full with MK, he quickly licked the dripping chili sauce off his arm. Sadly it wasn't green chili sauce! MaryKate had been having some bowel troubles and had exploded out of her diaper something that looked very similar to green chili sauce. After gagging & spitting the pooh out, James washed out his mouth multiple times. :)


Lindsay said...

Hahahahahahahah and more hahahahahaha!!! Ewwwwww. That is hilarious. Sorry James, but it is. I REALLY wanna do Havasu....however ya spell it. Looks like a blast.

Camille Powell said...

I will never look at green chili sauce the same. Yuck! That really is quite hilarious though.

LaddandKatieMarshall said...

ewe, gross. Besides the green chili sauce its good to see that you're doing well--looks like a fun trip.

Zach and Sarah said...

I'm throwing up in my mouth a little bit right now. Loved the post.

Skip said...

Quick Question, my wife and I are looking at doing the hike and I stumbled upon your blog. I was interested to see that you had an infant at the time you make the hike and I'm wondering if the hike could be done with an infant.
We just had our first child and we are very outgoing people, my wife and I hiked the Subway at Zion while she was pregnant. If you could provide some feedback on the Havasupai Falls Hike with an infant I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance. - Skip Henderson