Monday, October 18, 2010

MaryKate's 1st Birthday at the Farm

My sister, Mary's family took us to Del Osso Farms in Latherop, CA to go along with her farm themed birthday. It was crowded, but still fun & worth the drive.

MaryKate loves her Daddy.

MK & the 2 little piggies in the petting area of the farm.

This is my favorite picture! I loved how the goat & goose look like they're about to kiss her cheeks.

MK warmed up to the baby goats because they weren't as huge & frightening as the bigger ones.

This cake was made by my nephew Jordan & my niece Annika. They are "Cake Bosses"! Mary & I helped a little, but I think they did an incredible job. Thanks guys! The kids loved it.

I helped her blow out her candle on her farm cake.

She was so full after dinner that she hardly could eat her cupcake. But she loved the frosting!

We sang Old McDonald's Farm with some animal signs I made.

MaryKate loved pulling her presents out of a box. Notice her 1st piggy tail ever! It's about 1/2 inch long. But her bald head is starting to finally grow hair. Hooray!

James is interning for the next few weeks in San Mateo, California. So we've been having a blast in the bay area, staying with my sister's family. We've gone to the beach and into the city. We love San Francisco & the Lee Family.


Laura Beers said...

Your daughter is just so adorable!!! I love looking at her pictures!! She has such a beautiful smile.

Lindsay said...

Oh I love the pictures! So fun and MK is too dang cute for words. Ada and MK need to be best friends. Happy Birthday MK!! We love you!

Kathryn said...

I can't believe MaryKate is 1 already! And she looks so different and grown up with more hair. She's a doll!

Amy said...

I was wondering where you guys were! We miss you, but it looks like you're having fun. Happy Birthday, MaryKate!

Camille Powell said...

Happy Birthday MaryKate! I thought of you guys all day last Sunday! We miss you guys but are so happy you're having fun!

James & Kathy said...

We miss you all in Utah & will be home this weekend. Until then we are soaking up all the fun family time we can. Love you all!

Carrie said...

I LoVE this pic!! I could just squeal!