Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Compare the Similarities

Nope... no baby yet (for those of you that got excited to see a post & hoped it was a birth story). But I do have a few things for you to look at and hopefully laugh at.
Below are 2 pictures taken the Sunday before my due dates... the first picture in Oct. 2009 & the second picture was this Sunday (July 2011). I wore the same dress to help with the comparison. Pretty similar. Right? My hair is even in my face in both (not on purpose).

Now for the funny part of this post. A week or 2 ago my sister, Becky & her family were watching Napolean Dynamite at my house while visiting. MaryKate walked into the room, took one look at Napolean on the screen and said with enthusiasm, "Daddy! Daddy! Look it's Daddy!" We all laughed and laughed. Have a look for yourself... I'm not exactly sure I can see any resemblance, but maybe you can.

Then today we were watching an Elmo DVD that is one of her favorites. In the movie there is this fantastic song that Ray Charles sings to Elmo. (have it memorized) When Ray Charles began to sing MaryKate ran up to me and said, "Mama. Ben! Ben! It's Ben!" It made me laugh out loud. Ben is my brother and I have never thought he looked much like a 70 year old black man, but when I put their pictures side by side just now I think that MK might just be right! They do look a bit alike. You be the judge...


Zach and Sarah said...

You made me laugh! You look great, by the way. Hope you are feeling well.

Lindsay said...

Awesome! Love the pictures and that is pretty funny about Napolean and Ray. Don't think I really saw the similarities so much but maybe MK sees something that we don't

Emma and Dan said...

Love the comparison photos! I can't wait until there's baby pics and a fun Kathy story to go with them. :)
I think you guys are the most creative/crazy couple to do those Chopped dinners. Wish I had your creativity.