Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grace Editha Gardner

As we were choosing names, we were trying to decide between Edi (pronouced E-dee) or Grace. Grace has always been a name we have loved and it has become an important principle of the gospel to us over the past few years. Edi would have been in honor of Grandma Editha Gardner, who was a great example of faith, endurance, kindness and service. We just couldn't decide on how to spell it and worried people would always call her Eddy (ed-dee) so we compromised and used Editha as a middle name. We will most likely call her Gracie for now.

MK is loving the baby. She wants to hold her all the time. Anytime Grace cries, she wants to know why and wants to help. We are trying our best to make the transition from being an only child to a big sister as easy as possible. Things are going well for now, but I am sure there will be some rough moments ahead.

Grace is still in her sleepy newborn mode, but is starting to love to eat, look around and cuddle up close to us. We sure love her, she truly is our amazing Grace.


Lindsay said...

Oh she is perfect! I can't wait to meet her.

Zach and Sarah said...

So beautiful! (When I left the NICU with Eli, the nurse told me to let the kiddos love and hold and kiss and help feed him as much as they wanted in the first few days at home so they would feel the love--and then they would get tired of it on their own and things would settle down to normal. I didn't really follow that advise, but it makes sense:)

Emma and Dan said...

I'm so, so happy that you were able to do a VBAC! Good job, btw, on only pushing 15 minutes. What a star first time pusher you are. :)

She's gorgeous and I can't believe that she has hair! :) I love all of the pictures, but especially the ones of her with MaryKate. Did you make the shirts, Kathy? Very cute and colorful.

Congratulations! I'm glad that y'all included Edi in her name. Grace Edithe is a lovely name.

julz said...

She is Beautiful Kath!! Enjoy her!!