Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season to be Sick...Fa La La La La!

There is a reason we have not posted in a long time. No, I haven't been out shopping and making delicious holiday treats. Instead,we have been soooo sick! The good news is that we are finally all well, other than a few lingering coughs. The bad news is I am sure the virus is passed on to some other poor, unsuspecting family. If somehow we have passed anything on to you, I am deeply sorry. It all began right around Thanksgiving. Grace woke up vomiting and the rest of us woke up with a killer cold. After 3 days Grace got better but then got the cold. MK's cold turned into horrible asthma which caused a huge asthma attack resulting in a trip to the urgent care and us up for nights checking on her. Then I came down with strep throat which flattened me. Then Grace's cold seemed a little dangerous so we had multiple whooping cough tests done... and for a period of time were quarantined to our home. During which time MK started vomiting and got a seriously violent case of stomach flu, which she then passed to Grace and to James. I possibly got a mild case of it too, but someone had to stay well... so shear determination kept me from some of the worse symptoms. But now we are all well! Grace's tests came back negative for pertussis and both girls are back to sleeping through the night! Halleluiah! There were moments when I thought it would never come. To all those who are ill during this Holiday season and to all mothers who have ever been repeatedly puked and pooed on, my heart goes out to you! I think I understand at least a little bit.

(Sorry for no cute pictures. I am not the mom who takes pictures of kids in their yuck! More will be coming soon... I promise!)

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Emma and Dan said...

Glad that everyone is better now. That sounds like an awful couple of weeks.
I take pics of sick kids, but not their bodily functions. Thank you for not sharing those kinds of photos. :)