Monday, January 23, 2012

Gracie Girl!

After skimming over our past posts and pondering how much I blogged about MaryKate over her 2 year lifespan compared to Grace, I have come to the conclusion that she is already being neglected! Ahh! How does this happen when I swore as the 6th child with only 5 baby pictures that I would never do that to my own kids?! Well, this post is all about you, Gracie Girl and only you!

Grace is 5 months & 20 days old and is sooo much fun! She is all smiles... except when something is truly bothering her,
in which case she screams like someone is sawing off her limb with a butter knife.

She loves to:

Jump in her jumper. She was born active! She has no desire to be strapped into a swing like MK did. She wants to be jumping, standing, rolling, & moving.

She also lovers her bouncing exersaucer, especially if Big Sissy will come and play with her while she's in it. I tried to stop MK from climbing on it and bothering her, but I realized how happy it makes Grace to have her playing with her that I no longer intervene.

Grace also loves her kick toy... endless fun. Why don't they make these things for adults? I might burn some calories if they did.

She loves bath time, especially if she gets to take it with MK. Are you noticing a theme? They play so well together! This is a picture of their first bath together over New Years and MK insisted that I should leave them alone so they could have fun without me... umm, No!

Grace loves to giggle. She loved her uncle Todd and cousins Evan & Maddie

She also loves reading. If you recall MK's reading movie when she was an infant, she was crazy about reading too. They both seem to have this passion for books in common.

James' 2 sisters had baby boys right close in age to Grace. All 3 babies look much more like their dads than their moms so we thought it was appropriate to take a Daddy picture. We hope Jasper, Sam, and Grace all become close friends.


Lindsay said...

Oh why oh why can't we live closer?!! Beautiful girl

Emma and Dan said...

She is so beautiful! I love the video of her grabbing for the book. What a smarty.

I am so puzzled by one thing though. Her head appears to be perfectly normal-sized. Does that mean that I too might be capable of having a baby whose head isn't gigantic? :)