Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grace's 1st Birthday!

Little Miss Grace Gardner is officially 1 year old. We had a little Elmo party with her cousins. She doesn't love to watch much of anything... but Elmo. He's the only happy, silly thing that grabs her attention on the screen. So it wasn't much but I made an Elmo dress & cupcakes for the occasion. She is such a delight and loved her balloons, cupcake, and cousins.
She is usually always smiling and laughing and has brought so much joy to our family in the past year. She walks like a champ and goes up and down stairs without a problem. (thankfully!) She loves MK, even with all the lumps she gets from her. They finally are getting to a fun stage where they go off and play together. I love to hear their laughter coming from upstairs. She loves to explore and eat fruit & meat... (not so keen on the carbs. Crazy, I know!) She also is starting to show interest in reading and shoes. Talking isn't her strong point yet. She says: Dada, UhOh!, Look, That, Ruff-Ruff, milk(ilk), shoes, and maybe mama (maaaaaaa). We love Grace & hope she never stops lighting up a room and melting the hearts of everyone she meets. She has an infectious gift.

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Emma and Dan said...

The dress is so much cuter than anything you could find in a store and the cupcakes look yummy. She's a cutie and she looks like she had a great birthday! What a great mom you are!