Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things

OK... So I've been trying to loose my pregnancy weight and as you can see from my old pants, I've lost a fair amount! :) Honestly, I'm now 5 pounds away from pre-MaryKate weight and HONESTLY there must be a giant in Orem, Utah because I am 5'10 and this man's pants, that James and I found at Savers, goes to my CHIN! I would love to hug the waist of the previous owner of these pants and thank him for making me feel petite. My pregnancy weight was not going away on its own. So I had to do what we all "should" do but usually don't do... Eat healthy & exercise. That is hard for me to do consistently, but I have found a few delightful things in my healthy journey that I want to share with you. I am not getting paid to say any of this. :)

1. Orowheat Sandwich Thins- 100 calories, 19 grams whole grains, 5 grams fiber, and 1 gram fat. I love them for sandwiches, toast, lean hamburgers, etc. At Costco= cheap!

2. WishBone RANCH Salad Spritzers- 2 calories per spray. What I miss most is pouring on the ranch and so you can imagine how I squealed and clicked my heals in the grocery isle when I saw this new flavor of spritzer. It gives just a hint of ranch and moistens your salad. So tasty... $3.50 but lasts forever, unlike regular ranch.

3. Frozen Yogurt- Fat Free, no fructose corn syrup, low calorie & delicious!In Utah this is a huge trend. 4 new serve it yourself yogurt shops have opened near us & we love them. Yes it has sugar, but when I'm desperate for a treat its a much healthier alternative than a brownie oreo sundae.

4. Papa Murphys Delite pizza- 1/2 carbs, 1/2 calories, $3 to 4 cheaper than their regular pizza, twice the flavor! Every once in a while you need to eat pizza and when you do this take & bake pizza is so good. You can get olive oil instead of sauce and chicken and sun dried tomatoes and basil... or whatever you prefer.

5. I Can Do Hard Things Collage- Typically when I try to be healthy I guilt myself into it and I think negative thoughts about myself to motivate me to do it. So, its no surprise that it makes me feel miserable. This time I pondered what I could do instead... the answer came when I woke up one morning & had this phrase come to my mind, "I Can Do Hard Things!" I decided this would be my motto, not just in exercise but in life. This phrase would be my motivation. James and I for Family Home Evening made this collage together. We printed pictures of people or things that reminded us that "We could do hard things" and picked out the paper & designed it to hang above our bed. It helps. It really does and its a good message for our family.


Lindsay said...

Kath! I love it! You are awesome and you CAN do hard things. You motiviate me to be better in so many ways! Love ya

The Cannon Family said...

That was a motto for our stake trek a few years ago. I love it! I want it to be our family's motto too!

Sheri King said...

Go Kathy! Maybe I will put you on my collage. I can't stop thinking about food... I think it's breastfeeding, it makes me soooo hungry!

Erica said...

You go girl! Thanks for the tips. And motivation! :)

Kathryn said...

James, Kathy, and MaryKate: I am in Utah with Harrison and we would love to see you sometime this month.

I am also trying to get rid of some pregnancy weight (and squishyness) but my mother is making it difficult. The night I got to my parents' house she served me a plate of dinner with about half of a chicken on it, accompanied by potato casserole swimming in sour cream, with a mug of whole milk to wash it down with (she tried to trick me with the whole milk). I think she's hoping to fatten Harrison up a little.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kathy,
I hope this finds you well and happy. I was cleaning out my mailbox and found your blogspot. Your little girl is darling. You are so creative and fun. I have wonderful memories with you.
School is out for another year. Yeah! Bet you don't miss it.
Love Elizabeth Fielding

T-Rizzle said...

I love it! Thanks for all the tips too!