Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sitting By Herself = Happy Girl!

MaryKate has finally mastered sitting up all by herself! (Yes, there are no photoshop tricks in this video removing my arm. It's the real deal!) She still falls over after long periods of time or if her large cranium picks up a little to much momentum in one direction. But we are so happy for her and wanted to share a little bit of her happy sunshine with you... maybe while you watch this you can clap your hands, bounce, fling your arms, and smile because you are able to sit too!


Becca said...

Love it! Is she wearing the clothes we gave her? Yea! Also, your bed looks VERY fancy. : )

Lindsay said...

Love her! I swear she is a little girl version of James. Ada is a girl version of Scott! Your girl is all legs and arms! She better play basketball, Kath!!! Or else...:)

Candice said...

You have such wonderful posts!! Mary Kate is darling and full of smiles all the time!!