Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adventure At Every Turn

This week working in Park City as a family went very well. We had a super nice group of people, good weather, & no poop explosions. The kids loved MaryKate so much that I fear she's like a squirrel in a crowded state park. She's being fed very well & very often with not just food... also lots of attention and love. Here are just a few of her great adventures with us this week:

MaryKate at the Heber Creeper
Hiking Timpanogos Cave with our great group

MK & I inside the cave (she slept 1/2 of the tour...must enjoy the cool, dark)

MK at the ropes course

MK at the Park City Museum

James, MK, & friends at the Resort Pool

James & MK at Seven Peaks Water Park (in the lazy river)

MaryKate is exhausted from so much fun & so are we!
We can't wait to go relax in San Francisco next week!


zdormer said...

man that wee was so much fun i wish i could do it again i really enjoyed and i wish thanks to everyone and hope they have a great rest of the summer

zdormer said...

you can get me at or zdormer@juno.comeither one ill be checkin and email u back!

zdormer said...

actually just reach me at and im not forgetting but those pictures are really nice

Carrie said...

How on earth do you do it all Kathy? When I grow up, can I be just like you? Love you and miss you guys! Can we please get together When I get back to UT?

P.s. Guess who I met and love who also loves you? Rachel Murdock! Small world!