Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Insanity Begins!

Definition of insanity= parenting an infant & tour guiding simultaneously full time. Daily I question, "Are we crazy? What made me think we could do this? A tour guide & a mom at the same time? Nuts!" Luckily James & I are in this madness together. We're nearly done with my 3rd week & James' 2nd week. Usually we're based out of Park City, but last week was Aviation week in Provo. James & I had the chance to learn to fly along with all the other people in our group. We're having a great time, but we've had some insane moments like MaryKate's Explosion. Read on only if poop stories don't gross you out:

It was go time! After a long day of flight lessons and rocket construction, James & I were trying to round all 31 participants up for a group picture & then pack them into our vans. It was hot, we were running late, and we still needed to finish cleaning up all the rocket supplies. James had already strapped MaryKate into her seat and set her seat on the floor near the exit. I walked across the hanger to load her in when I noticed her sock was a solid green. I thought, "Is that a huge grass stain?" She was giggling and wiggling in her seat. As I got closer to her I noticed the green on her sock had oozed from her clothes, car-seat, down her legs, onto her feet. She was having a blast moving & playing in it all. It was green and oddly smelled like poopy tuna fish. What should I do? I called for James. He told me there was a shower next to the bathroom for the pilots... Miracle! While James finished cleaning, I went to work cleaning MK. I peeled her clothes off her poop covered body & set her in the shower. I had no clothes for her, no towel, & no time! I grabbed a roll of paper towels & baby wipes & cleaned her car-seat the best I could while she sat on the shower floor rinsing off. Then I wrapped her in paper towels, put a diaper on her, and hurried for the van! Crappy Catastrophe Solved!

Don't worry. She didn't fly with me. But she was frustrated that I wouldn't let her play with all the instruments. I think she wanted to fly!

MaryKate gets sleep anywhere & whenever she can. Here she is at the Ropes Course & it's 9:00pm. Sayonara schedule! She sleeps when she's tired & eats when she's hungry... that's her schedule.

We flew with Cornell Rich Crandall. He's a good friend & the only person who could convince me to fly in a private plane after my uncles plane crash. I trusted him with our lives and he took good care of us.


MaryAnn said...

Rich Crandall is my neighbor and in the Bishopric in my ward! He is so awesome!!! I'm glad you are having a busy fun summer!

ToddNSass said...

Looks like so much fun! Hey, what site do you use again to create all your blog posts?

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, Kathy, that is too funny bout the poop story. That happened to us at church, so Scott was carrying Ada around only in a diaper. A little old lady told him that was why she never left home without a second pair of clothes!!! Whatever lady!! Ha. Looks like you guys are having a blast.