Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Groundhog & Presidents Day!

I love February because although it is still horribly cold, it has lots of holidays! Granted Groundhog Day & Presidents Day are not typically celebrated. James loves any excuse for a party or bbq. So as a family we celebrate them. Check out below to see how. (Maybe we can convince you to start a few new traditions too!)

This year James & Ryan celebrated their 5th Annual Groundhogs Day BBQ and I made my second groundhog cake in honor of the event. It was very snow on Feb 2nd this year so I decided to go with a more winter looking cake than last years. I made an Oreo Ice Cream cake. It is delicious if I do say so myself!

Then yesterday on the 21st we celebrated Presidents day. We had a fabulous day! In the evening we had a BBQ with friends & this was the dessert I choose to make in honor of our Presidents. It is a Molasses (Gingersnap) Cookie with cream cheese frosting & is actually so yummy. Click here for the recipe. After we ate we found a President Trivia Game on line & quizzed our knowledge of our founding fathers & presidents. Because I'm a nerd, I found it so fun! Click here to see how much you know about our Presidents.

Yesterday really was the best because James has been so busy with Grad school that we never see him. But he worked & studied like crazy on Friday & Saturday so he could spend the whole Presidents Day playing with us. It was awesome! In the morning we went sledding with our friends, Mike & Amy & their kids. It was MaryKate's first time ever!

She couldn't get enough. At first she touched the snow & said over and over, "Brrr... It's cold."

Then James took her on the sled & she squealed over & over, "Wee! Wee! Again!"

This is MaryKate with one of her favorite friends & her first snowman!


Lindsay said...

How fun!! You look great, PS!

Zach and Sarah said...

She looks so much like Hannah did as a baby in the bottom picture. Looks like you guys had fun!

Tia said...

So fun! I love your holiday celebration ideas. I'm totally going to incorporate some of them into my life (after May 2012 if you know what I mean...ha ha!). You guys are too fun!

Emma and Dan said...

This sentence made me laugh, "But he worked & studied like crazy on Friday & Saturday so he could spend the whole Presidents Day playing with us." I can say with assurance that I have never read those words in that order before. :)

I love how you guys celebrate holidays. I'm a nerd like that too. :)