Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pleasantly Prego

No belly pics, no count down counter on my blog, no frequent pregnancy posts... Is everything OK? My sister, Kaylyn called the other day with this question and so I thought maybe I should reassure those who care to know that everything is fine... more than fine. I feel great!
I have decided this time around to stop counting and thinking so much about pregnancy and maybe it will pass by faster and it has! Plus, having MaryKate to keep me busy and enjoy watching grow makes the time fly by.
Yesterday I went in for another ultrasound and she looks very healthy and the best news of all is that her head is much more normal sized than MK's so maybe I'll get to have this baby normally. Other than heart burn, I have no complaints. My friend Amy & I can still run (o.k. jog with little spurts of walking) in the mornings and I don't ever feel sick. So there you go.
We are pondering girl names which is always a challenge for me because I am so indecisive. Here are some of the top names we are choosing from:
1. Grace (Gracie)
2. Ellie
3. Sadie
4. Jada
5. Emma
6. Mia
7. Edi (James loves this name after his grandma Editha... but I'm not sold on yet)
8. Lucy or Ella ( I like these alot but James doesn't)
I think there are 3 or 4 other names that we've discussed, but I can't recall. So they must not be important. We will hopefully narrow it down to at least 2 or 3 before the end of July. Give us your feedback... especially if it involves a cruel nickname that I am not realizing is possible with one of the above mentioned names.


Camille Powell said...

I love Mia. It's my favorite, then I can write tons of great poems about Lia and Mia and all the fun they have together :). My second vote is for Jada. I'm so glad you are pleasantly prego. We can't wait to see you guys Sunday. I feel like it's been too long!

Lindsay said...

Cute names! I think you should do a belly post. Come on!!Post one for those of us who don't ever get to see you! I totally agree with you about not putting the counter up. I feel like my pregnancy is flying by (now that I am in 2nd tri). I LOVE the name Grace. In fact, that would have been one of my top picks for one of ours, BUT won't work for our last name. Grace-Foley (Gracefully). All of them are cute, but not sure how to pronounce Edi? We should be finding out next Friday what we are having!!! Woo hoo. K, love ya. Glad that everything is going well.

ToddNSass said...

I like Ellie or Ella. I agree with Kath about Edi though... no a good girl name at all! I would use Editha as a middle name though. Glad things are going great! We sure miss you guys and have talked about coming up to visit sometime this summer.

Phillip, Alicia & Emmett said...

I really like the name Ellie and Grace.

Emma and Dan said...

I guess I'm in the minority because I love Edi. It's my favorite on the list. It's so girly and sweet.

Jada automatically makes me think of Jada Pinkett Smith. :) It's a cute name.

Whatever you choose will be great because all the names are very feminine (which I love), but you shouldn't go for something that's super popular. For example: I think I know 5 Ellie's/Ella's that are all preschool age or younger.

Dawn said...

I like Emma, Ellie and Edi (eedee - pronounced?). I have thought Edith would be the only other way to do grandmas name. So glad you are doing so great. Alot jealous though. I hope I can soon say that as well. I am at 14 weeks.