Monday, October 31, 2011

MaryKate Turns 2

What a fun, exhausting day! Early in the morning James & I woke MaryKate up with breakfast in bed. She was very confused at first but loved the novelty of it all.

Then MaryKate had 4 of her best friends come over for a super fun Dora birthday party. My goal was to simplify and do only what she asked for. She wanted Dora cupcakes, Dora paper plates, balloons, and waffles for dinner. Easy enough! So simple in my mind... Then why did it take all day to prep for this little party?

I, of course, had to throw in a little Dora Adventure Treasure Hunt. So I made this map to put in her backpack that led the kids to 5 clues/riddles that if they answered correctly, they received a treat or toy for their goody bag. It was lots of fun & adventure.

Dora's hair is piped with chocolate & cooled on wax paper and mouth made out of fruit roll up.

Oh, how she loved to play with her balloons... thanks to Daddy for picking up some for her.

At MaryKate's 2 year check up she measured 3 ft 1 in and is in the 99% for height, 90% for weight and her head size is still literally way off the chart. The doctor predicts she will grow to be 6 feet tall ( which is what the doctor said about me but I only made it to 5'10).
Her favorite things right now are Dora, Elmo, Wonder Pets, Dinosaurs, the swings at the park, books, her sand/water table, and dancing to music. She loves to eat eggs, carbs, fruit, yogurt, and fruit snacks... pretty typical. She talks from morning till night and now thanks to Dora speaks a surprising amount of Spanish. Moments ago she got a leg stuck in Grace's crib and was yelling "ayudame!" When I came to help her, she said, "O, Grasias Mama!" She cracks me up! Especially her over use of the word "Actually". She is very curious and can make messes faster than I can clean. The other day she pulled a huge jar of minced garlic of the counter and dumped it all over the kitchen floor, then walked through it. I looked down and yelled "oh, cr*#!" (which I've been trying to stop saying) As I cleaned the floor & her shoes, she ran around in circles saying, "oh, cr*#!" over and over.
We love MK and are so thankful that she is a part of our family. Everyday is full of laughter and fun thanks to her little spirit. Happy Birthday MaryKate!


Zach and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, MK! I love reading your stories.

nurseonthego said...

Kathy-you are too cute. What a fun birthday for MK. She is so cute. Hope you guys are doing well.